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Start Your Career In Motorcycle Technology

Motorcycle Technology Program at WyoTech

For many people, motorcycles are a way of life as opposed to just being part of a job. A motorcycle is a two-wheeled creation that many countless people have a passion for. A career as a Motorcycle Technician could be just what you need.

Driving motorcycles can be exciting, but the driver is always vulnerable to the dangers on the road including surrounding vehicles. A motorcycle has to be kept in top condition to prevent accidents and mishaps. Safety is the key, and as a Motorcycle Technician, you'll be responsible for regular repairs, maintenance, and upgrades on some of today's bikes.

So, whether you spend your waking hours working on choppers, sport bikes, or vintage models, WyoTech has a training program that is right for you.

Graduates are qualified to work in a variety of Motorcycle Technology Positions; including:

  • Dealership Motorcycle Technician
  • Specialty Shop Motorcycle Technician
  • Performance Shop Technician
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Parts Representative

Motorcycle Technology Career Field

Motorcycle mechanics service and repair many of the millions of motorcycles on the road. They perform tasks ranging from adjusting and replacing spark plugs and brakes, to major repairs and overhauling engines.

Motorcycling is becoming increasingly popular with adults between the ages of eighteen and twenty four, and those over forty. The demand for motorcycle technicians should increase as a result. And, here's where you training comes into play! Employers prefer to hire technicians who graduate from formal training programs.

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